About Us

We are a small team of developers and designers with a passion for the environment – trying to make an impact from the ground up. We decided to put our app development skills to work to support what we believe in and built Greener with the mission to empower consumers and small businesses with the tools they need to choose clean energy.

Austin Riley

Software Engineer

Chris Thibault

Software Engineer

Danny Hinshaw

Software Engineer

Drew Heavner

Software Engineer

Evan Owen

Software Engineer

Kaitlin McKnight

Project Manager

Stephanie Campbell

Interactive Designer

Q: How does greener actually help with climate change?
Greener buys certified renewable energy credits (RECs) from a reputable source each month to match the electricity usage of our user base. Buying RECs contributes money directly to the producers of clean and renewable energy, thus allowing for more such projects to thrive. You can read more about RECs from the EPA here, more about how RECs are certified here, and/or watch an awesome explainer video from the EPA here. TL;DR Subscribing to Greener means more renewable energy projects in the future.
Q: Does my electricity actually come from renewable sources?
The short answer: yes it does! You can think of the US electrical grid like a large lake where all the power producers – coal plants, wind farms, etc – are pouring water into the lake and power users – you – are draining water from the lake. You pay the owner of the lake for the water you use, but your don’t really know the exact source of the water because all the sources mix together. So you buy a certificate from a wind farm that certifies that for every gallon of water you remove, the wind farm will add a gallon back to the shared lake. RECs work the same way, there is no way to know the exact source of the electrons you pull from the gird, so the RECs certify the source of your electricity.
Q: How do you calculate CO2 emissions from electricity usage?
We calculate emissions from electricity generation based off figures from the EPA’s eGRID emission factors based on 2012 data published in 2015. On average, electricity sources emit 1.004 lbs CO2 per kWh (0.0004554 metric tons CO2 per kWh). State CO2 emissions per kWh may vary greatly in accordance with the amount of clean energy in the energy supply. (Source: EPA eGRID Summary Tables). We use the national averages in all displayed calculations.
Q: Can I participate without downloading the apps?
For now we only support signing up for the service through the iOS or Android apps.
Q: Can I use Greener if I am not in the US?
We love your enthusiasm for the environment! But, the REC market is only available in the US. We have a future expansion in the works that will allow for wider participation.
Q: I have another question, what should I do?
Please send us an email – support@greenerapp.io – and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We are a small team working to keep your costs low, and we are getting a lot of positive requests for information - so please be patient with us as we try to respond to all of your questions and requests.